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21-10-2017:BSNL News in Media

BSNL News 21-10-2017

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Bharat-1 : launching

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Indian phone maker Micromax on Tuesday announced Bharat-1, the company's first 4G-enabled feature phone that will allow customers to make "unlimited" voice calls and consume "unlimited" high-speed data at a nominal fee of Rs. 97 each month, thanks to its partnership with BSNL. The Micromax Bharat 1 is priced at Rs. 2,200. The Bharat 1 handset rivals Reliance Jio's Jio Phone, and the low-cost smartphone by Karbonn Mobiles and Airtel. Micromax is calling it 'Desh ka 4G phone', and says it will be available from retail stores starting Friday, October 20. BSNL offers unlimited calling, data on Bharat phone for Rs 97 per month


State-owned telecom firm BSNL today launched unlimited calling and a data plan for Rs 97 a month for the buyers of Micromax's 4G VoLTE enabled Bharat phone.



Lunch Hour Agitation Programme in Kerala under the banner of All Unions and Associations of BSNL has been carried out today enthusiastically. 


CS writes to GS on the  discrepancy of seniority in the All India seniority list No.5 of Group A officers in  BSNL– Case of Com. J.Sarasamma (HR. No. 198404318) reg





Update on BSNL Board meeting held on 12.10.2017


BSNL Board Meeting held today as per the schedule wherein the implementation of 3rd PRC report in BSNL was one of the agenda item. It is understood that 3rd PRC report was discussed for one hour. Addl. Secretary (T), DoT, the Govt. nominee in the Board however, did not agree to discuss the agenda since sufficient time is not given to study the agenda.


So the matter is postponed to be discussed in the next Board meeting scheduled to be held after Diwali tentatively 23rd or 24th October 2017. It seems that Addl. Secretary (T), DoT, the Govt. nominee in the Board is not in the favour of implementation of 3rd PRC report in BSNL.


In view of that all the BSNL Unions and Associations should mobilize the organization action programs to impress upon the Govt. for 3rd PRC implementation in BSNL. All the Circle Secretaries / District Secretaries are requested to ensure 100% participation in the proposed agitation programmes of All Union & Associations of BSNL.


Lunch Hour Agitation Programme in Kerala  under the banner of All Unions and Associations of BSNL will be carried out on 17/10/2017(Tuesday) instead of 16/10/2017 due to the inconvenience of  Harthal ,
as per the decision taken in the UF representatives’ meeting held on 11-10-2017 at Trivandrum.

Agitational Programme under the banner of All Unions and Associations of BSNL:

All Unions and Associations of BSNL serves upon a notice for agitational programme to the Secretary (T), DoT and the CMD, BSNL on 3rd Pay Revision and Subsidiary Tower Company issues. AIBSNLEA is also a constituent Association of this forum.

Agitational Programme:

a) Demonstration at Corporate Office, Circles and SSAs on 16.10.2017

b) Human Chain at Corporate Office, Circles and SSAs on 16.11.2017

c) Two day strike on 12th and 13th December 2017

d) Indefinite strike will be organised thereafter, if the issues are not amicably settled. The date of the indefinite strike will be announced in due course.

<<<Click here for the notice>>>>



GS writes to Shri Anupam Shrivastava, CMD BSNL regarding Implementation of Khan Committee report in draft CPSU Cadre Hierarchy
<<<Click here for letter>>>>   <<<Annexure-'A>>>


CS , CP , CVP and DS TVM Met PGM-F on appointment and discussed all the pending issues with Finance/Accounts vertical . Some of the issues discussed follows.


Higher Pension option of BSNL DRs:

On the request of AIBSNLEA , PGMF again written to Regional PF Commissioner , Trivandrum requesting to re examine Higher Pension option of BSNL DRs and allow the eligible employees of BSNL to exercise an option for contributing to the pension fund on higher wages . The exercise of option is done in some other circles.


It is fact that a member contributing to PF on wages exceeding the ceiling cannot be debarred from exercising options to contribute on higher wages to pension fund. The first request was turned down by Regional PF Commissioner. MOL & E vide letter dated 16/03/2017 has conveyed its approval to allow members of EPS , 1995 who had contributed on higher wages exceeding the statutory ceiling of Rs.6500/- in the PF to divert 8.33 % of the salary exceeding Rs.6500/- to the Pension Fund. PGM F assured that the options will be  taken from  Kerala Circle also.


ERP- Proper cashbook extraction from SAP

CSCs have to do legacy, manual as well as in ERP for accounting purpose. If a proper cashbook can be extracted from SAP much time can be saved by our CSC personnel. Even though the requirement is projected at the time of SD module implementation itself no result. Hence, it is to be taken up with administration to avoid waste of man power even after ERP implementation.  PGM appreciated our concern and informed that as per the request submitted in our last meeting, he has written to GM FICO CO in this regard. We extended sincere thanks to PGM.


Phase-I Training of JAOs ( 6 SC/ST candidates  and 5 Vacancies arise out of the opting of JAO candidates to JTO posts) :

We requested for speeding up of the process. But , PGM informed that as per corporate office letter , circle cannot fill up the 5 vacancies   occurred due to the opting of JAOs to JTO posts 


Pending LA for AO/CAO cadres:

We requested to fill up the vacant AO/CAO posts all along Kerala circle without any more delay . We input all the details of vacancies in AO/CAO cadres . PGM assured to fill up all the posts.


Promotion posting to DGM-F :

We requested to consider individual requests for choice posting of  the promoted officers to DGM-F   . PGM assured to consider their request at maximum possible extent.




Meeting of all the BSNL Unions and Associations at New Delhi:

All BSNL Unions and Associations in the meeting held today morning at New Delhi has unanimously decided to organize protest action or the implementation of 3rd PRC with 15% fitment benefit. Settlement of left out issues related to 2nd PRC and against creation of BSNL's Tower Subsidiary.

The following agitation Programmes have been decided:

1. Lunch Hour demonstration on 16-10.2017 at BSNL CO New Delhi, all Circle/ SSA level.

2. "Human Chain"on 16-11-2017 at BSNL CO New Delhi, Circle/ SSA level.

3. Two days strike on 12th and 13th December 2017 and even then the issues are not resolved the indefinite strike will be organized till the time demands are settled. The notice to the Management will be served on 10-10-2017 after the signature of all the General Secretaries of BSNL Unions/Associations.

Comrade GS and President attended the meeting. 


Congrats beloved Comrades...

AIBSNLEA Kerala splendidly and enthusiastically conducted the organizational action programs demanding 3rd PRC implementation with 15% fitment benefits in BSNL as lunch hour demonstration all along Kerala. Generally it is remarked that PRC implementation in BSNL is at the very primal stage   and a lot of hurdles are on the way of its successful  implementation  though the salary revision benefits are extended already to all Central / State government employees and to some other CPSEs  . More vigorous joint struggle of all associations and unions are highlighted and exhorted by all the  speakers addressed the gathering for the fruitful implementation of the 3rd PRC in full benefits  ……the organizational action program  was a great success in all along BSNL as in Kerala … Some of the snapshots of the event follows …                  

WhatsApp Image 2017-10-04 at 4.21.46 PM

WhatsApp Image 2017-10-04 at 4.01.40 PM

WhatsApp Image 2017-10-04 at 10.19.05 PM

WhatsApp Image 2017-10-04 at 6.21.08 PM

WhatsApp Image 2017-10-04 at 7.26.28 PM

WhatsApp Image 2017-10-04 at 5.17.54 PM

WhatsApp Image 2017-10-04 at 2.39.32 PM

WhatsApp Image 2017-10-04 at 2.46.38 PM


WhatsApp Image 2017-10-04 at 6.21.18 PM

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15 persent prc demo

Notice for organizational action programs demanding 3rd PRC implementation with 15% fitment benefits in  BSNL                           DEMAND .......“Implementation of 3rd PRC recommendations with 15% fitment benefits in BSNL” .......

<<< Click here for the copy of the Notice>>>>              <<<Click here for the copy of Memorandum in docx format>>>>

Gandhi Jayanti


28-09-2017 : CHQ News

18 agenda points  on " Google Hangout" of each CPSE for debate and discussion among all employees of different levels:

GS submits AIBSNLEA's feedback to GM (SR), BSNL Corporate Office on 18 agenda points  on " Google Hangout" of each CPSE for debate and discussion among all employees of different levels.

<<<Click here for  letter >>>>


BSNL Employees Superannuation Pension Trust Rules

BSNL Corporate Office issues instructions regarding Implementation of Superannuation Pension Scheme as per BSNL Employees Superannuation Pension Trust Rules.

<<<Click here for  Superannuation Scheme letter >>>> <<<Click here for Superannuation Trust Rules >>>
<<<Click here for  nomination form  >>>> <<<Click here for  documents for death cases  >>>> 
<<<Click here for  documents for others  cases  >>>>


26-09-2017 : CHQ News


DGM (F) Promotion orders issued:

AIBSNLEA's consistent efforts yielded results in getting released the promotion orders in respect of 57 executives of STS (CAO/AGM) working on regular basis, to officiate on purely temporary and ad-hoc basis and till further orders in the grade of Deputy General Manager equivalent to JAG with immediate effect, as per BSNL MS Recruitment Rules. AIBSNLEA extends its sincere thanks and gratitude to CMD BSNL, Director (HR)/(Finance), GM (FP) and entire SEA Cell for their kind hearted support in issuance of these long awaited promotion orders.

<<<Click here for  the letter >>>>


CS , CP and DS EKM Com.Latha.K met PGMTD Ernakulam , today and discussed all the pending HR/Service of Ernakulam BA  including the inordinate delay in settling down the fictitious case of Com.Krishnamohan , CWC Member . PGMT was very much positive in hearing us and shared most of our concerns and assured to look into all the matters submitted to him fruitfully in a time-framed mode.



Congrats DR JTOs...

Training schedule for all the 280 DR JTO candidates are released by BRBRAITT Jabalpur

Today BRBRAITT released the training schedule for the remaining 70 candidates also. Two batches of 70 candidates are allotted to RTTC Jaipur from 23-10-2017.  We extended sincere thanks to CS AIBSNLEA BRBRAITT Jabalpur , Com. Tiwari for whole  his hearted efforts  in scheduling all the batches. We also thank GM(A/HR) , DGM(HR) and AGM(HR) Kerala  in perusing the case actively  with BRBRAITT .


CS discussed with AGM(A/HR) Kerala , Shri.Mahesh , and requested to reschedule the list of DR-JTO Candidates according to the latest schedule by BRBRAITT . He assured to do the same by next week.


Phase-I training of 3 LICE JTO candidates are awarded to RTTC Trivandrum fro CTTC Indore on the merit in their individual request on compassionate grounds. We extend sincere thanks to GM (A/HR) in considering these request.



CS requested  GM (HR/Admin) to release the list of 150 DR-JTO candidates  for Phase-I training scheduled from 06/11/2017  as first  90 candidates may  be trained from ALTTC Ghaziabad , being the premier training centre of BSNL  and next 60 Candidates may be trained from RTTC Ranchi. For booking tickets for their comfortable conveyance to training centre, it is to be released without any delay . GM shared our concern and assured to release the training list within a couple of days.


19-09-2017 :   Meeting with CMD BSNL:

GS, President Met CMD BSNL and discussed regarding,

Implementation of 3rd PRC recommendation with 15% fitment benefit in BSNL: We requested CMD BSNL for bringing up in the agenda of Management Committee of BSNL Board tomorrow. CMD assured to look into the is understood that 3rd PRC issue may be discussed in tomorrow BSNL management committee meeting on the basis of internal committee report of seems that the committee has recommended 3rd PRC implementation with 15% fitment benefit. After the approval of BSNL management committee it will be discussed in the Nomination and Remuneration Committee of BSNL Board, and thereafter in the BSNL Board for its approval. We have to continuously pursue the matter in BSNL and DOT.


DR JAO recruitment in BSNL: We extended our sincere thanks for the notification of DR JAO recruitment in BSNL. We explained that DR JAO recruitment and LICE(Departmental) quota  candidates recruitment has to take place 50:50 as per DOP&T guidelines  accordingly BSNL CO has notified the DR JAO recruitment which is the urgent need and requirement of BSNL in view of Corporate accounts, GST implementation, ERP & acute shortage of JAO about 3500 JAO post are laying vacant  . CMD appreciated our concern and assured to look into the matter.


Congrats O-JTO Comrades.........
 High Court of Kerala uphold FR 22.1.a.1 fixation for  O-JTOs .....


On 15-9-2017 Hon.High Court of Kerala  dismissed  WPC 23407/10 & 23850/10 filed by BSNL against the CAT Ernakulam order granting legitimate  fixation under  FR 22 1(a) 1 to officiating JTOs  .


BSNL filed 14 writ petitions in HONBLE Kerala High court against the FR 22 1(a) 1 pay fixation of officiating JTOs . From  year 2010 onwards these cases are pending with this court . During this period officiating JTOs   of other circles filed for fr22 1(a)1 protection cases . For all these cases favourable judgment were received from PCAT  New Delhi. However, BSNL  filed appeal in high court of  New Delhi .  New Delhi  high court dismissed this appeal with remarks that it  is  subject to the outcome of  pending cases in high court of kerala . BSNL  again went to supreme court . Supreme court also dismissed this SLP and  made same remarks that   the outcome of  the case is subjected to the verdict of  kerala Highcourt. Finally 15/09/2017 Honble kerala high court dismissed all 14 petitions with FR 22 1 (a) 1 . Now all officiating JTOS are  eligible for   FR 22 1(a) 1  and no Recovery will happen further on this fixation already done .


Through this verdict Officiating service protection is also to  be extended to the officiated services along with pending 78.2% fixation to all the erstwhile O-JTO comrades .


Congrats Dear DR JTO Comrades..


As we assured and communicated to you in today morning , Phase-I training schedule from 06/11/2017  for  150 candidates is prepared by BRBRAITT today . 90 candidates will be trained from ALTTC Ghaziabad and 60 Candidates will be trained from RTTC Ranchi. We extend sincere thanks to CS , AIBSNLEA , BRBRAITT Jabalpur   Shri.Thivari  in sorting out the schedule . He further assured that Phase-I training schedule for  the remaining 70 candidates , 280-210(30+30+90+60) ,  also will be scheduled and informed shortly.


CS and CVP AIBSNLEA , Kerala met AGM (HR/Recr) Shri. Mahesh around 12 noon today , appraised about the training schedule and  requested to release the list of the 150 candidates for training at ALTTC and RTTC Ranchi without delay after approval from competent authority  so that they can plan their  conveyance for training early  . He shared happiness on the outcome and  responded  that so far no communication is received  from BRBRAITT regarding this . He assured that as and when the schedule is received he will start the process of releasing the list of candidates. In the afternoon   AGM (HR/Recr) Shri. Mahesh communicated the receival of the schedule and assured to start the process today itself. We reciprocated our sincere thanks .


Organizational Action Programmes:

BSNL Employees Union supports and assures to participate in the organizational action programme led by AIBSNLEA demanding 3rd PRC implementation with 15% fitment benefits in BSNL

<<<Click here for  the letter in support >>>>


AIBSNLEA Kerala  served notice for Lunch hour demo on 15-09-2017 against disintegrating BSNL  <<<Notice>>>


Lunch Hour Demonstration on 15th Sept., 2017

AIBSNLEA decides to participate in the demonstration call given by all BSNL's Unions & Associations during lunch hour on 15th Sept., 2017 to protest against the creation of BSNL Tower Subsidiary Company.

All the District Secretaries of AIBSNLEA are requested to participate in same along with all the members.

 <<<Click here for GS letter to CMD, BSNL>>>>


CS and BS CO branch met GM(A/HR) Shri. Robin Poddar and discussed all the pending Service/HR issues  . DGM(HR) Shri. James Sagayaraj and AGM(HR/Rec)  Shri Mahesh were also present during  the meeting. Some of the HR issues discussed follows..


Phase-I Training of DR JTOs:

We have requested for an early release of the training schedule from BRBRAITT Jabalpur like two batches of 30 candidate each scheduled for RTTC Rajpura and RTTC Hyderabad . We also requested to release the Name  list of 30 candidates for the phase –I training at RTTC Rajpura , Punchab so that they can reserve ticket for  conveyance  at the earliest . GM appreciated our concern and assured to peruse further with BRBRAITT for releasing the schedule though possible dates are from November 2017 onwards. He also assured to release the list of the candidates today itself in intranet.


Considering Request Transfer of JTOs (VY 2013-14) posted out of  parent BA :

We informed the natural heartburn of JTOs against VY 2013-14 . Most of them are posted in remote BAs while most of the junior JTOs against VY 2014-15 are posted in parent BAs. We are not against posting the junior JTOs to parent BAs and we requested to post all the JTOs against VY 2015-16 also to the parent BAs . The heavy shortage of JTOs in various BAs were to be addressed initially and all JTOs against VY 2013-14 were posted accordingly.


We requested to consider all the request of these JTOs working in non-Parent BAs to Parent BAs  because of around 525 JTOs ( LICE  & DR)  are in the pipe line to be posted after Phase-I training. GM , DGM and AGM shared our concern and assured to look into it .   


Phase-I training option to RTTC Trivandrum from CTTC Indore for those who are undergoing Pre-basic training at CTTC Indore:

We requested to consider the requests at least on merit. GM assured to look into the requests and assured to try his level best, but he was non-committed.


JTO Phase-II training of erstwhile O-JTOs and Phase-I training of left out candidates :

This case also discussed in detail and requested to arrange Phase-II training for the  Phase-I completed erstwhile O-JTOs . All the JTOs are completing two years of JTO service and short of awarding second increment .   Awarding of second increment may not be delayed due to lagging of Phase-II training. GM assured to take up the matter with BRBRAITT.


CS and BS CO branch met PGM(F) Shri.KK Vel and discussed all the pending issues with Accounts/Finance Vertical. Some of the issues discussed follows

Filling up of 6 JAO vacancies :

We requested to complete the formalities for the Phase-I training of all the 6 JAO aspirants.  PGM (F)  appreciated our concern and informed that the letter in this regard addressed to him by this association was handed over to recruitment cell and they are on the process . He added that request of AIBSNLEA would be materialised without delay.

Long Pending AO/CAO LA :

We reminded the request we have done in the last meeting regarding this. PGM(F) replied a positive outcome on the pending LA   issue will happen without much delay

Posting of Com. Rajeev , JAO NTR N.Delhi to CLT BA:

We requested his posting to his parent BA , Calicut .  PGM(F) replied that being it a mutual transfer he can be posted to Palakkad BA only because of acute shortage of Account personal in PKD BA.  PGM(F)  mentioned  that AIBSNLEA already took up the case of shortage in Palakkad BA . However we requested to consider our request when another new JAO is posted to Palakkad BA . We also reminded that Com.Rajesh at PKD BA has completed JAO phase-I training and his posting will happen with the next batch of 6 JAOs.


We further added that AIBSNLEA knows the shortage and the over workload of JAO/AO/CAO level officers all along Kerala circle as administration also knowing. Most of the officers are leaving office in late hours due to heavy work load , they are  conducting Melas even for Sundays and other holidays  etc . But, it was quite amazing to watch  the call of the “so called majority association”  to  reduce the strength of Accounts/Finance cadre officers and to stop JAO recruitment anymore . Due to the timely intervention of the executive friendly association AIBSNLEA, the Accounts/Finance Cadre killing operation of that association with hidden agenda was derailed.

12-09-2017:News in Media

Cabinet clears hiving off, monetizing BSNL's tower assets: The Cabinet has approved hiving off the mobile tower assets of Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd. into a wholly owned unit of the state-run telco  which can then monetize the assets to raise funds.

<<<Click here for detail news>>>>   <<Press Note>>>>


Notice for organizational action programs demanding 3rd PRC implementation with 15% fitment benefits in BSNL:


AIBSNLEA serves upon a Notice for organizational action programs demanding 3rd PRC implementation with 15% fitment benefits in BSNL to the Chairperson, Telecom Commission and Secretary (T), Department of Telecom, Govt. of India AND Chairman cum Managing Director, BSNL to launch following organizational action programs:


1.    Memorandum to be submitted to the Hon’ble MPs (LS/RS) by all the Circle / District Secretaries immediately.

2.    Holding of Demonstration on 04.10.2017 during Lunch / Closing hours at BSNL CO New Delhi, Circle and SSA Head quarters and

        submission of memorandum to His Excellency, Governor of the States, CGMTs and SSA Heads for recommending to the

        Hon’ble MoSC (I/C)

3.   “Candle Light” march on 04.10.2017 at 18.00 Hrs from BSNL Corporate Office, Janpath, New Delhi to Jantar Mantar, New Delhi.


“Implementation of 3rd PRC recommendations with 15% fitment benefits in BSNL”


<<<Click here for the copy of the Notice>>>>


All the Circle / District Secretaries are requested to submit the Memorandum  After demonstration to the His Excellency Governor / LG of the State and CMD / CGMT / SSA Heads. The Memorandum should be submitted to all the Hon’ble Member of Parliament of Lok Sabha / Rajya Sabha in their area immediately.


<<<Click here for the copy of Memorandum in docx format>>>>

<<<Click here for the copy of Memorandum in pdf format>>>>


AIBSNLEA CHQ Delhi will organize a "Candle March" at 18.00 Hrs from BSNL Corporate Office, Janpath to Jantar Mantar, New Delhi in support of this demand.


We request all the BSNL Unions / Associations to participate and support the program.


<<<Click here for the Appeal>>>


All the Circle / District Secretaries are requested to ensure successful implementation of the above Organizational Action Program with 100% participation.

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